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Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

Fashion Design Software & Apparel Software by OptiTex

Fashion Design Software & Apparel Software by OptiTex

Recently I have found a special program to design shirts with more attractive and fast, this program will not only facilitate the users to design clothes that attract even more equipment that can be used in the design process, Digitize, Grade, Mark to the technique Modulate.

OptiTex Fashion Design Software | Working with OptiTex at different environments

In addition the program also provides other tools such as 3D Runway Suite of Tools, here users will use the equipment to create 3D fatherly fashion design in 3D, there are certain stages in the production of fashion, such as 3D Runway Designer, 3D Runway Creator for PDS , 3D Runway Creator for Modulate, Flattening 3D - Transform 3D to 2D, 3D Digitizer - Digitize 3D View up to the calculation of investment ROI Calculator.

Main Modules

Pattern Design System, Grade, Digitize, Marker, Modulate

PDS - Pattern Design System

Provide a full range of high-end pattern design and textile software grading tools.


Digitize all types of contours and internal parts, grade them, assign piece attributes and any information needed for marker making while digitizing.


Our unique automatic and manual grading software, is designed to simplify grading


OptiTex Marker Module is designed to maximize productivity and minimize labor and material costs.


Made to Measure - A Made to Measure software developed to design and manufacture sewn products.

3D Runway Suite of Tools

"Virtual becomes Real"
3D Fabric Visualization - Fabric Simulation System

True-to-Life Fabric Simulation System.
Time-to-Market dramatically reduced.
Material waste eliminated with fewer sample iterations.
Produces high-quality products via precise virtual fitting.
Graphical collaboration tool included for all involved in the product development process.
Excellent tool for sales and marketing, with easy-to-use and exact virtual prototyping.

3D Runway Designer

Using OptiTex 3D Runway Designer designers, pattern makers and retailers can visualize any pattern modifications, changes of texture, colors, add/remove logos and buttons instantly in full 3D.

3D Runway Creator for PDS

Integrated software solution that uses a combination of both 2D patterns (from PDS) and state-of-the-art 3D technology to deliver virtually real sewn products.

3D Runway Creator for Modulate

OptiTex 3D Runway Creator for Modulate offers the user a wide range of highly detailed parametric mannequins that feature 65 adjustable body measurements...

3D Flattening - transform 3D to 2D

OptiTex's new technology enables on-screen transformation of three-dimensional objects' surface into two-dimensional patterns that make up the draped object.

3D Digitizer - Digitize 3D View

This new technology allows the user to digitize on a 3D view and see the results on the 2D pieces.

ROI Calculator

OptiTex has created a simple to use ROI (Return of Investment) calculator, to help you notice how you and your company can benefit from converting the old style of sample making into the newest most innovative 3D model creation.

In the Advanced modules, users will be using such equipment, Match, and also CutPlan Nest, this was the best stages in the production of clothing which the user will match the types of fabrics and colors are suitable to get a good impression.

Advanced modules

Match++ is a fully automatic Matched Fabric Nesting System.
OptiTex's powerful new Nest++2 Advanced Automatic Nesting application incorporates an intelligent algorithm for nesting, thus delivering better results than those achieved manually.
Improve plant efficiency with the new CutPlan Software


Match++ is a fully automatic Matched Fabric Nesting System.


OptiTex's powerful new Nest++2 Advanced Automatic Nesting Optimization incorporates an intelligent algorithm for marker nesting, thus delivering better results than those achieved manually.


Powerful CutPlan software that provides OptiTex users with a global solution in case of multi-colors order.

There are also other equipment that are important in the production of clothing, such as equipment data exchange modules - Convert Gerber (GGT), Investronica, Lectra and Microdynamics and C-DESIGN Fashion ®.


Data exchange modules - Convert Gerber (GGT), Investronica, Lectra and Microdynamics

Gerber (GGT), Investronica, Lectra and Microdynamics Converters that convert, import and export all file types.

Direct Converters

File format converters for Gerber (GGT), Investronica, Lectra and Microdynamics pieces, models and order data into OptiTex native format files.


Communication assurances for file formats such as AutoCAD-DXF, Cad Key-CADL, EIA, AAMA, HPGL/2, GERBER-NC and more.

C-DESIGN Fashion®

C-DESIGN Fashion® allows designers and graphic designers to create their collections thanks the best design tools. With C-DESIGN Fashion®, pattern makers and product managers create the specification sheets for each product of the collection and merchandisers have also access to powerful tools to create window displays ad merchandise presentations. C-DESIGN Fashion® offers more than 18,000 existing designs for women, men and children including lingerie and swimwear. C-DESIGN Fashion® is an innovative solution that enables customers to bring their collections to market faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

OptiTex Fashion Design Software | C-DESIGN Fashion®

In my opinion this program is very important for those who had been involved in the fashion world, as it is pleasant task to create a more attractive clothes, for those who became involved in the new world of fashion is right fatherly I recommend this program because it has taught step by measures, the use of the program is easy and requires no expertise in the fashion world anyone can design attractive clothes.

To know about more about this product, I recommend the website has provided a lot of info about the fashion industry is stated in this web site is very important mainly in use as a reference to know about fashion Industry and also the importance of this industry, this product can also the reference made ​​to
those just starting to open his own tailor shop to be a very useful reference material.

Career in fashion make a good income if earned with earnest commitment and there is no shortcut to achieving success, everything comes from business success without fatigue and despair fatherly succeed in the current challenging and require mental strength high strength, in short if you want success in the business of high need in this process.

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